Thank You Notes: Summer Barbecues, Pop-Tarts


Jimmy pens thank you notes to sliced bread, coconut water and other things. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: …

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  1. Jimmy Fallon and his Thank You notes are so cool. The man is very appreciated in Greeley, Colorado. Loretta Lynn,s appearance was so wonderful!! The woman is amazing and so is Jimmy!!!

  2. Rob Ford says you're welcome, Jimmy! And he'd love to shake your hand! (Assuming, of course that you haven't lost both of 'em due to your clumsy, drunk-ass antics!) Anyway, have another Jagermeister Jimmy! And remember what Rob said: "REAL men go to rehab!" Not so funny now, is it Fallon?

  3. Thank you Jimmy, I am a middle of cultural shocked on someone I might be used to see. How could they change the colour from blue to brown, gold to brown and the hight etc. I was so worried about someone having sex in front of TV and if I were him, I would kill myself by strong depressions. I somehow figure out that poeple around me were in a fuss and it was because of him?… Some girls started to be an AV actress, to date with old men, to work at night, etc…. They are not my sights but they were in a same school definitely. I am shocked on this reality and please do not borther them while they are studying. They are like sheeps and not known anything about western culture like Kim Kardashian or etc. While they are in a school, they should be protected by a soceity or by people around them. Sincerely,