The $3 Fidget Spinner


I found a $3 Fidget Spinner…is it better than the Fidget Cube? LAST VID ▻ I Got a Samsung Galaxy S8 Early …

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  1. So I finally Googled "toy with spinners, on them…". Your video showed up in the article I chose to read… You think something that spins on a table is FUCKING worth 79. dollars (and close to 700. dollars) is worth that kind of money? Really? Really? Really?


  2. FIdget spinners are harmless. It is kindof just the false advertising that like it will help with autism and ADHD. "perfect for ADHD" dunno what that means but it is false. And also, that it will cure bad habits. Like, Spin this spinner and you will never smoke again.!! But I still love SPINNERSS>

  3. these were supposed to help with people that have disorders (or anxiety, autism, ADHD, etc.), not to have people who don't even need it just abuse the purpose. I have autism myself, and I say that spinners help alot. But Keaton – Ohohoho, Keaton… You are one of those people who are just abusing the purpose. My school has banned them 100% and I need one for my autism and anxiety and my sister needs one for her anxiety. This is truely heartbreaking, especially since the internet decided to make it a stupid meme. Yeah, spinners are popular, but not meant to be abused for a incorrect purpose. I am really upset by the fact that nobody wants to listen to the purpose of the spinner. They are just going like; "Oh, my friend with ADHD has a spinner, I have to get one, too!"
    Like, I get it. Spinners are fun and they aren't just means for that purpose. But I am making this comment because I want everyone to be aware that some people actually need this for a reason. And I'm not saying that only people who has a disorder or has been diagnosed with something can have it. I'm saying that if you have a fidget spinner and you do NOT NEED IT for ANY REASON WHATSOEVER, DO NOT ABUSE THE PURPOSE. I'm not your mom, so I won't stop you, but please. Don't abuse the main purpose. Me and many other people would appreciate it.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this, have a wonderful day everyone.