The Cinematic Headshot With Dylan Patrick, Fstoppers Tutorial


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  1. Instead of complaining, its totally possible to just look at the images and dissect more or less how they were crafted… You have eyes and a brain, you don't need to be spoon fed every detail for this to count as a tutorial. I found this video to be helpful.

  2. F-stoppers if you are trying to sell me something please be straight up about it, otherwise you are not different than most, you know what, we find here in youtube every day. You are misleading us with the title.

  3. Бл@, если бы я жил в Калифорнии, то проблем никаких, у нас, в России, непогода 6 месяцев, имею ввиду Москву, за редким исключением, а что это значит, мы все, по большей части снимаем в студии, буквально переселяемся туда на 6 месяцев, для лета самое то, спасибо за замечательное видео, понятно, как снимать, все по делу и понятно. Спасибо!

  4. That was fantastic. Yes a bit of a marketing approach.But I would never let me not see that in the end, this just might still be a really good lesson. But I am surprised that you give nearly all the game away. I soot a very similar style of shot. Did not even know that it was a "Style" as such. So I do know a bit about what produces the results and you as far as I could see give all the info in that clip any way. Its all there to be taken. Thank you for putting that up. I think it sells it self and is with out being crude, it is the money shot people want when they have to commission an artist to create one for them. I most likely will do the paid one on the fact that you are so spot on with your advice. I do it a bit different. I use a D800e with the very old but I just love it Nikon 400mm f3.5. This has really enthused me to really have a good look at this style of shot.

  5. I like the way you incorporate the bokeh lighting. Your backgrounds are amazing as well. We do a good amount of headshots for business people. I would prefer shooting outdoors vs our studio. I'll have to talk our headshot clients into doing outdoor headshots. this tutorial was really amazing. I have new ideas now.

  6. Hey, F-stoppers is trying to sell me something.. Please don't be a salesman., you are misleading us with the title. You promise us a tutorial (promoted by your thumbnail) and then talk about how great the tutorial is and persuade us to buy the stuff. You can sell stuff to us and we might be interested in buying but don't promise us a tutorial video and try to sell stuff instead.
    YouTube is a great place to learn things and a lot of photographers owe it to youtube, don't try to swoop in, over confident of your marketing techniques and ruin You tube. I am unsubscribing. This is the payment for forcing me to watch this video.
    P.S. Dylan Patrick is not the best portrait photographer in the World, so, don't try to fool learners into thinking he and ultimately selling stuff. He is great, I agree, but don't lie to us as though, he is the ultimate.

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