The Most Distasteful Wedding Photo Ever, Instagram BANNED My Photo: FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk 203


The Most Distasteful Wedding Photo Ever, Instagram BANNED My Photo: FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk 203 Let’s start off with that distasteful wedding photo, yes it’s …

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  1. Jared why did you have to take a shot at Trump supporters. I watch your videos for education and for the humor but now I won't. I know you don't care but had to share my thoughts

  2. they complain about how the processors werent ready only when they reach the macbook pro discussion but are thinking the surface series is overpriced and is old tech for using the same processors. wow. such sheep.

  3. Steve Jobs had Adobe up on stage plenty of times during his day, he just hated Flash because it was a resource intensive pile of shite that had more security holes than a sponge. There was also a period starting around 2005 or so where Adobe seemed to be VERY anti-Apple, yet still demo'd all of their stuff on Macs. They had a few spats around the CS4 era too when Adobe blamed Apple for the lack of a 64bit Photoshop on the Mac claiming Apple never told them Cocoa would be the preferred 64bit language for OS X, despite Apple telling developers and the rest of the world in 1999 with the introduction of OS X as a developer preview that for the moment you can use Carbon as a transitionary language from "Classic" (OS9 and earlier) to OS X with Cocoa being the preferred and native language. This was years before CS4 was a thing. Hell, the Creative Suite didn't even exist yet when this was announced! Neither did Intel Macs!

    There's also the time they blamed Apple for Flash not being GPU accelerated because Apple didn't let developers use their GPU API's to make it work, despite again Apple telling developers how to use the GPU for things from day one. Even Microsoft had Silverlight running off the GPU a full year before Adobe got Flash running on it.

    OK. Rant over lol. I've been using Adobe shit for over 20 years. It's great at what it does but I'm under no illusion that it's poorly made and they really half ass a lot of stuff.

    Oh and LG have made the panels used in Macs and Cinema/Thunderbolt Displays for years. I wouldn't be surprised if they were actually the exact same panels as found in the 21.5" and 27" 4K & 5K respectively iMacs.

  4. As we're branching out from overpriced macs to overpriced PCs and at least acknowledging (or realizing) the 'old' tech.. would be great if you'd give some well deserved media space / air time for the brands (basically most other brand name PC laptops and desktops) that actually use the latest and greatest hardware and usually charge LESS then Apple and Microsoft. This works a bit different to the camera world, but it's probably hard to get into for someone used to macs and macs alone.

  5. I think Instagram has a thing against nipples. I've heard that ppl cover them up with emojis so they won't get taken down….seems weird but that's just what I heard.

  6. Why would they gold plate a phantom, a basic pro-sumer drone? Why not an Inspire or better? How the hell can they claim it's the most luxurious drone? XD It's like a gold plated Ford Focus

  7. Holding the camera down sometimes has use. I rarely do that, but when a football team was gathered I had to shoot from above, but I took like 50 shots, everytime refocusing and moving around. I got 1 that I Wanted and that was fine

  8. I have been able to accumulate Nikon D5100 for video modded for higher bit rate along with Olympus LS-100 voice recorder with Senheiser MKE-300 or 600 Shotgun microphone also Rode Video Mic Go to use as built in to camera or syncing audio recorder audio also Tascam TM-2X stereo microphone for camera mostly use Sigma ZOOM 17-50mm lens on my camera.