The Phottix Mitros Experience by Jiggie Alejandrino. A Speedlight Photography Tutorial

22 instagram: jiggiealejandrino “My biggest frustration was never being able to …

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  1. Were all of your speedlights the Phottix Mitros Transmitters? Or did you have one speelight that was a different brand. Does It looked like one speedlight triggered the other 2, is that right? Please explain your setup for the speedlights. Were all of them the Phottix Mitros Transmitters? That's also what i want to know. I am contemplating purchasing 3.

  2. Fantastic everthing you do!!!!! 
    I would like to if you have a tutorial on how you measure the light with the lightmeter i saw in this film, what setting on meter and odin and indra so you can control the light 100%


  3. too bad when you move the head of that thing to any other position that straight forward you lose HSS on the sony a6000. who does stuff like that? LOL id never buy this for that reason alone. cant mount it to a softbox or beauty dish and put it on a boom pole if you cant make the flash head turn up without losing HSS

  4. I seriously have no words for this. Maybe a few and they would be "I hope one day I will understand lighting the way you do"… Simply WOW, utterly amazed!!!

  5. Master is an understatement sir. Your work is stunning, your wife is gorgeous and your gear is to die for. Well done team. Some of the most beautiful wedding/bride shots I have ever seen. Congratulation to the entire team for an amazing effort. Well done! Sincerely, a meager old photographer enjoying the hobby in my later years. 🙂