Tips for Wedding Filmmaker Teams


Nine helpful tips that I always make sure to go over with my new second shooters. Favorite filmmaking gear – Pro wedding filmmaking kit …

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  1. question: why underexpose? wouldn't it be better to ETTR? i mean overexposing but avoiding clipping. as far as i know, it's better to reduce than to raise especially in the shadows area.

  2. Thank you for the tips the canon eos 70 D do Thay Videos and how long are the batteries last
    Because I shoting a lot of 6-8 hours of film.
    And my Second question is the second camera man needs same 70 D two. ..

  3. Question i been video weddings about 10 years know .
    I Have a Canon Xl1 Gl2 How sad ha ha . my plan is to sell
    These cameras to upgrades
    my Questions is what do think about canon xa20 and xa10
    Or do have any othet idea thank you

  4. WATCH THE KNOBS/WHEELS!!! I always have a 2nd shooter bump iso too high when all they could have done was open up aperture. Or the "accidentally" change the shutter to crazy numbers when aperture and iso could have easily been changed. Changing those settings is probably the most difficult thing to explain BTW – Do you have an instagram? We'd love to follow you more off of youtube! Love your videos man, I make it an assignment for my 2nd shooters to watch your videos before they shoot with me!

  5. When your first starting out in the Wedding Filming Industry how do you know when to start charging more than just the music? Or maybe the question would be How much should a beginner Charge for his first 5 weddings? Or Would you Suggest to start Charging after your first 5 weddings so you have experience under your belt? I really appreciate what you do on here. It really Helps Us all as film makers.

  6. Do you not use radio communication because you don't have access to them, or because you don't like the 'look' if you will.

  7. Usually, during prep, I and my partner will decide who's gonna shoot wide/establish and who's gonna shoot medium or closeup….and creative shots if necessary, both of us will do it…We shoot documentary style wedding. So, having more footage is necessary for us….just sharing a bit of my workflow.

    BTW, would love to watch your BTS of your shoot…

  8. I'll be working with an experienced shooter on Saturday. How do you make sure they understand your style so it doesn't look like two different people shot it?