TRY-ON Summer Clothing Haul


TRY-ON Summer Clothing Haul! Today I have a try-on summer clothing haul for you. These are a few summer clothing items I picked up and have put into a haul …

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  1. Your hair is the cutest… I like how it's a subtle ombre, not almost black hair with almost white like a lot of other girls, ha-ha. I love, love, love both peplum AND babydoll tops! peplum is when a top flairs out at the waist and babydoll is when a top flairs out just under the bust πŸ™‚ <3

  2. Yes! I always feel weird wearing my tropical bird dress but feeling less so knowing that someone else loves them on clothing too haha

  3. Hi my name is Milly and I am 12 years old! You are such an inspiration to me and you are my favourite ever youtuber! I live on the Gold Coast so I was wondering where you used to live here? If you replied to this comment I would be over the moon! PS. i love your style xx