Using off camera flash at weddings, streak light


Try Using off camera flash at weddings and see your images take on a whole new level. Kellie and I talk about how we use the powerful yet affordable streak …

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  1. Just unsure about what you said about the guide number being 260, as when I check this on the product info it says its only 80, could you clarify this.

  2. bit awkward but actually really enjoyed the vid, made me laugh and was informative too 🙂 good stuff, if you you could do some hands on that would be great. subscribed. Nice one..
    Oh and hand on flash (.)(.) obviously lol

  3. Yes I have a question. I'm trying to figure out if buying the Profoto B1 strobe is wasting money when it's compared to these flashes. If each of these produce 360w and a price point of about $500 each if I used/buy 4 of these flashes wouldn't it technically be better then having 2 B1s? Plus you get 4 flashes which produce more light then 2B1s for the price of 1 B1. Please help cause I'm torn! I don't see any reviews on YouTube about the comparison between these flashes vs strobes such as the B1

  4. Thanks for the video. Do you find the AD3600 with it's flash output at 300 WS powerful enough to overpower the sun? Also what type of flash modifier do you typically use outdoors, especially when using HSS? Btw, Godox has relesed the new AD600 with with flash output rated at 600 WS, any thoughts. Thanks again for the video.