wedding photography advice from the photographer : all photos by Steve Rotter


wedding photography advice from the photographer. Have you thought of photographing weddings? This video is for you. All photos by Steve Rotter. thinking of …

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  1. also your video titles suck for all your videos. same with your descriptions. they are what get searched when people use the youtube search engine. no one is going to search wedding photography business. use tube buddy or something similar for google chrome.

    tags dont matter they dont used in search that much change your title to wedding photography techniques but use a – and put in starting a wedding photography business also.

    wedding photography techniques gets searched the most also make your video title pic way more eye grabing use big yellow letters.

  2. turn auto focus off this camera is such a pos i really wish i had know how bad the auto focus is. now i have to use P and C focus and have my video look like crap because i shoot nature and the lighting is different every 20 steps. or i figure out how to shoot manual and manual focus when i want to look at something up close up because i will have to use like f8 at least to get everything in focus for my nature walk videos.

    o then i have to change the fstop and apature when the lighting changes to and my viewer get to see that fuckery when viewing.

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