Wedding photography tips and samples


In this video i show you some images and explain how they can be better.

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  1. nice shots John, I have friends wedding to shoot in august I believe the venue is fairly dark any chance on doing a master class video on using a flash for this type of event or any tips PS need to buy a flash before thenâ˜ș

  2. Hi John, the ATG's hybrid flash should be available in May.
    Hope you will like it like many major camera stores (buyers).
    Buyers are asking for couple hundreds more from ATG/Godox.

    The demands are great from customers (photographers).
    No more lugging brick monolights.
    No more hv cable tethered battery.

    Buying three with a X1T will still be lot less than Profoto B1 & Phottix Indra500.

    ATG Gold A2 Kim X for working professionals
    ATG's Godox AD200 for the world.
    Adorama Flashpoint eVOLV 200 TTL in USA
    CheetahLight, Molight & Neewer

    We've been using the ATG Gold X1T2 and ATG Gold A2 Kim X because it works with Interfit S1, Phottix Indra500, Phottix Indra500, Nissin NAS, ATG/Godox/CL/Neewer.