My wedding is coming up so fast! 2 months to go! I went back to Mobile to take care of some things and take you along with me. Plus, a special surprise at the …

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  1. Please tell us your adoption story. It's true, those of us who are not adopted don't know much about it from an adopted person's perspective, and I'd say it's even less common whith domestic adoptions. Thanks for being so open and broaden our points of view Katie xx

  2. Q and A question: if you had to pick the person in your life that you look/looked up to the most or who is/was your biggest inspiration, who would it be?

  3. Yes, please tell us your adoption story! I would love to hear about it! (Coming from someone who is not adopted and doesn't really know a lot about it)

  4. Hi Katie! Just wondering what liberties dancers are allowed to take on stage (if any). Are they allowed to add an extra pirouette here, delay the next step there or change a port de bras to suit them better? Or must they do the choreography exactly as given?

  5. I agree, I've always been disappointed when I get a pre-printed thank you note. The sender put absolutely no thought or care into the note. It's terrible!

  6. Kathryn, I just loved this vlog! So much fun living vicariously through you. This is such a fun time in life! Your makeup was on point each day and I love the new hair cut. Love the stationery too and have saved your thank you note to me. It was fun to get that in the mail. Lots of love, Jennifer xx

  7. If you are having trouble with yoga because of your turnout just turn in a little more. I go to school for dance and we do a lot of yoga. A few of the girls have really good turn out so they just turn in a little more and it is still just as effective. I wouldn't say I have amazing turnout but I still find some poses are easier turned in than turned out.

  8. I have a question for your next q & a.

    I want to become a professional dancer. I've been dancing for 9 years and my teachers say I have a lot of potential. I love the studio I'm at, but I just don't think I can become a professional here. There's another local studio that will give me a better chance of a professional career, but it's just so hard leaving the studio I'm at now. I'm also on scholarship at the studio I currently dance at so money could definitely be an issue. How do I go about this situation?

  9. Love the new hair cut. It really flatters your face.
    Also, I believe, now,Β Joffrey does several different summer intensive focusing on different genres.

  10. You look BEAUTIFUL with your hair like that!! I would love to hear your adoption story, if you are comfortable telling us! Have you ever had the urge to find/meet your birth parents (assuming the adoption was closed) ? I grew up with my birth mom and adoptive Dad, without ever meeting my biological father. We got in contact for the first time a couple of years ago. He really wants to meet me, but I don't know how I feel about it.

  11. Hot Yoga (or at least Bikram Yoga – that's all I can speak for) is AMAZING!!!! Highly highly recommend. It feels like semi-torture during, but afterwards: it's totally worth it. Best wishes! <3

  12. Hi Katie! Hope you're doing well I was just wondering where you get all your lovely clip on earrings? I also can't have pierced ears and I think your earrings always look great! Thanks!

  13. couldn't agree more about the handwritten thank you notes!!! It's so incredibly rude when people don't send any thank you notes which seems to be the standard πŸ™„