What’s Different When You’re Freezing Movement with High-Speed Sync?


“What’s the Difference?” is a series of video lighting tutorials. Each episode responds to a single question. In this episode, Jared Platt tries freezing motion with …

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  1. yeah and you need a strobe that can go beyond 250 shutter speed which cost over 500 bucks… the speedlights can do the job at higher speeds but those don't fire at full power consistently. So… to get desired results in exposures it's not only a matter of logic but a matter of having access to the technology that can make high speed sync possible!

  2. Can you help me understand how its done. I'm assuming your controlling the ambient by increasing the shutter speed but photo 2 and 3 the sky looks the same to me so I must be incorrect.
    The 1 st photo ( no flash) has sky blown out because shes in shadow so you expose for her face. 2 nd photo( using flash but up to sync speed of 250) has sky in- not blown out. Your controlling the ambient from 1 st to 2 nd photo by increasing the shutter speed from 60 to 250 ?. The 3 rd photo you increase the shutter speed up to 2500 to freeze motion but the sky looks the same as shot with a 250 shutter speed. Are flash in Manuel mode or TTL. Thanks for a great video and looking forward to leaning more how its done. Im outside shooting 95% of the time. Bruce Smith

  3. I will just have 2 of everything you make because I can only afford speedlights, thanks! I will be waiting by my mailbox patiently.

    Oh and throw in a new Nikon d810…because why the heck not.

    /end sarcasm

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