White Frosted Wedding Cake Tutorial- Rosie’s Dessert Spot


In this video tutorial, I give a quick demonstration on how to create white white frosting using vegetable shortening and how to decorate an elegant two tier …

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  1. I'm seeing a lot of comments asking about the tate of the frosting or just making assumptions that it is gross. I just used this recipe for my wedding cake over the weekend and everyone loved it. While I was making it, I tried a bit of the frosting and it was not the greatest on its own, but I tried it with a piece of scrap cake and it was much better. If you use a good cake recipe with quality ingredients, the frosting actually does not taste bad at all.

  2. hi rosie, i love ur videos they are beautiful, but can u pls tell me how u get the super white buttercream ? i only use butter and no matter how long i whip it my buttercream is still not as white. thanks

  3. Hi Rosie, amazing cakes you make here!!! Can you please explain a bit about the support strawers inserted in the bigger part of the cake? I never understood how this makes it stable and helps the top part to stay safe. Moreover, how do you cut a cake like this?;) thanks fot your answer!!!

  4. hi, love your videos. I really like how you added in your description how many ppl the cake was made for and the extra info. just wondering if you could do this with future videos?

  5. Is it a special straw that you use of any 8" straw would work?

    Ps you're cakes are all beautiful. You are truly my inspiration. I hope I could be as good as you one day

  6. hi Rosie pls could u do a tutorial on imbc and smbc. which ever is easier and taste nice. i have never ate both of the before.
    many thanks. you are Fab as always

  7. hi Rosie nice cake again and again. great job. pls what will be the difference using butter or vegetable shorting for the frosting. ?