Woman Sells Wedding Dress On Ebay To Fund Divorce Ft. Blogilates


http://www.goforbroke.com/ A Woman sells her wedding dress on eBay to pay for her divorce after her husband started cheating on her Previous Video: …

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  1. I remember this one time in Vegas this drunk Italian man was asking random people on the street if they wanted to get married.

  2. Am I making this up in my head or didn't tiff in the past want a typical wedding ceremony? It seems like she wants to model her life after Geo now. Dont get me wrong, their life seems balanced and good but you should want your own thing. Kinda gave her the side eye when she said she didnt want a typical ceremony.

  3. I'm 15 and 6.2 and have a 8 inch 🍆 when I stick it in my side chick she hit me in my face and my nose start to bleed I got her back tho she can't walk anymore I broke her legs with a baseball bat

  4. I met this Nigerian nurse and he told me his wife is 6 feet tall and that is considered pretty short in his country for women height. Geo should go to Nigeria and know how it feels to be short one day.

  5. If I were to design a wedding I'd go pirate vs. ninja themed, but without the fighting so I guess just pirate and ninja themed. The groom and all the groomsmen would be dressed up as ninjas and would all suddenly appear in a puff of smoke and instead of the bride walking down the aisle she swings in through the chapel window on a rope dressed as a pirate while her bridesmaids rush to the altar singing a sea shanty (while drunk).

  6. Wedding dresses can cost anywhere from $100 to the thousands. Mines was $400, and to me it was the most beautiful dress. It all depends on what you want in a dress and you gotta put a lot of work into hunting.

  7. Tiff is all bs about the wedding. She def wants a wedding. Idk why she's trying front. There's nothing wrong with having a wedding. It doesn't have to be like Geo's.

  8. You know what would be really cool Tiff!? Having your friends and family picking one aspect of your wedding! Eventually the entire thing would be planned and you would barely have to do anything!!

  9. "Alright Alex, you are getting married next month and all you have to spend is 65k, would you rather spend it on a car or a dress?"

    Gimme a mother fucking car baby!

    65k for a dress? You can kiss my ass with that bullshit

    Got me fucked up

  10. We've been married for a year when my husband said he is done and he wants to see other women. We are now going through a divorce he is a fucking dumb ass. I had a feeling he only was marring me because I was pregnant with his baby and it was true.