10 EASY Different Bun Hairstyles For Short Hair | Milabu


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  1. You are my favorite hair tutorial YouTuber ever! I recently got a haircut that I completely regret and you helped me find ways to style my short hair. Thank you so so much!

  2. This is great and I have short hair. But us ladies with very dark hair have a hard time doing braids. Everything blends in and it's so frustrating😭

  3. I had hair down to my butt and I just woke up and said "forget it" I asked a couple of my friends and they told me not to cut it. Well I told my mom and after watching these videos I wanted to cut it a little longer then shoulder lenth. I went to a salon and showed the person how long I wanted it cut. She cut my hair 4 inches shorter then I wanted. When I got back home I was in tears because I lost my hair. A week or two later I dyed it green/blue at the ends. Now I'm happy with it but when I see pictures of girls with hair as long as mine was I get kinda upset. My point is if you want to cut your hair, go for it, "it's only hair, it'll grow back!" But I will not cut my hair THAT short ever again :c

  4. My hair is pretty medium length, however, my hair can not go into a bun for the life of me. It's either to far on the side, or too far down or too much hair is out. Ducks since I want to master a bun, but nothing I can do about it.

  5. I have to say you have honestly saved my life with all of your tutorials, I had a shirt pixie cut since I was 12, to me now being 19 and only started growing my hair out in November 2016 without giving in and getting it cut short again and that is thanks to you, since I've had short hair during the time other girls were getting the hang of braiding etc I never knew what to do with my hair even now that it's reaching my shoulders , and all other youtube tutorials are for long hair, so thank you so much for inspiring everyone and helping us out, you're amazing

  6. I just got my hair cut short, I've been wanting to for a while, but I always figured all I could do was wear it down. But when I found your channel I was like heck yes and cut off all my hair.

  7. Why doesn't she have like at least 1 million subscribers. I subscribed I love your videos!!! I have short hair literally the adsact length of yours. It has made my hair life complete. I love your hairstyles and your channel thank you so much!