2 ★ Summer BRAID Hairstyles | Cute Half-Updo & Messy Bun Hairstyle


Hair tutorial: how to create 2, everyday spring braid hairstyles for short, medium or long hair! Two cute hairstyles with Retro Half-up braids and messy braided …

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  1. salut superbe video je te trouve tres sexy. je tenais également à savoir si tu pouvais m'aider à trouver une fille super canon appelée oceane dematteis qui te suivrait sur ta chaine. Si oui pourrais tu m'aider à entrer en contact avec elle ? je te remercie d'avance a plus et continue ces réalisations de qualité

  2. I ordered the same luxy hair extensions that you are wearing here but mine came in sooo much blonder! Did you color yours to warm them up.  Also I LOVE your ombre.  Do you have any NYC hair salon suggestions.  I am Asian and do not trust alot of people:)

  3. You are just so good in what you do!!!! I really appreciate all what you do! I have a question, do you have a video that shows more in dept braiding for beginers;)? And also have you ever tried the bellami hair extensions? I am not sure if I should go for the brand you have or bellami, a lot of people talks a lot of good things about bellami. I just want to know if you tried them and which you prefer the best. Thank you, and I love you for all you do! 

  4. Can you please please please do a video on hair extensions and which brand you like best. I noticed that you have used estelle's secret, luxury for princess and now luxy hair I'm am very interested in buying a new set of extensions but I am also very skeptical due to other brands I have had issues with that I had purchased online in the past !! Thanks so much – Ashley 

  5. How do you style your bangs like that I try but it never turns out like the way you do and yes my bangs are long and I have short to medium hair and I don't know how to style a middle part bangs I have always had one side with more hair please help

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