Best Camera For Wedding Videography – Wedding Video Tutorial


Best Camera For Wedding Videography – Wedding Video Tutorial In this wedding video tutorial, I break down what is the best camera for wedding videography.

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  1. Bro would you guys talk about post production workflow – especialy the colour correction! Also how do you match up these cameras in post? I would love to see how you match up the Sony and the Canon! Thanks and love the vids y'all!

  2. Thanks for the insight into these camera. I'm just looking to break into the wedding videography field and have a couple of questions. I particularly want to know what audio recording equipment (mic, recorder) you used in this video? Was it recorded into the Mark II? Do you normally record from your shotgun mic into your camera (for the appropriate uses)?

    FINALLY, is it reasonable for 1 person to attempt to video a wedding and reception? I understand there may be ancillary events that may be lost, but not the most important (walk down the aisle, exchange of vows, speeches, etc.). But, aside from those, is this a reasonable expectation?

    Thanks in advance of your reply.

  3. I am on the fence about what to upgrade from my 5Dmarkii and T3i. I am really appreciating the c100 the more I look at it. After making a pros and cons list between the A7sii, Canon C100 mark ii and Gh5…. The C100 has the most pros and fewest cons, then second place is Gh5 and third a7sii. But I still have this "bad" feeling that I am missing out on something if I choose the c100….

    Do you feel like you have ever been disappointed that your C100 mark ii doesn't record 4k? Have you ever felt pressured to record 4k? Or has a client (wedding or not) ever asked you to record 4k?

  4. IMO The Sony A6500 is a camera to start with if serious about doing videography..Most people can't afford the c100 line. Not to mention the size of those..

  5. Haha I have the MK I and II too! So many wedding shooters go with the a7s ii but I could not live without peaking, zebras, xlr inputs, top handle or nd's that come with the eos cinema line. Plus I can add on an atomos ninja and shoot pro res for corporate and commercial work. So what lenses do you use on them? I have been trying to find a good, fast lens that supports face tracking duel pixel AF on the MK II.