Best Lenses for Wedding Photography


RE-UPLOAD after I accidentally used some background music from a supposedly copyright-free site which turned out to be copyrighted. Apologies for losing all …

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  1. Liked it overall. I would lower the volume on the background music. Good that you don't go MUST use prime or zoom. Something I would add for beginners with limited budget: recommended lenses for crop size sensors.

  2. Jamie, job well done !

    Happened across your video while checking for info on a 35mm prime that I was looking at. Great job. I like your break-out of "Must have" and "Nice to have". Great way to make a point.
    I'm an old forensic photographer. Shooting live bodies is a treat. 🙂
    All the best !
    Gil from Largo, FLorida, USA
    aka SemperFiGuy

  3. Great advice for using tripod for getting group shots. Recently done a school shoot and it was a nightmare trying to get all the little ones to look at the camera lol.

  4. Good choice of lenses but i shoot 70-200 f2.8 over any other longer zoom. Practical for full wedding coverage: lenses with 2 photographers are these, 24-70 f2.8, 70-200 f2.8, 50mm f1.4, 85mm f1.4, and any macro for ring, detail shots, nikon or canon lens.

  5. This a really good video Jamie, I started shooting weddings a few years ago for friends and now have a small business shooting weddings and events. Totally agree with having 2 cameras, can you imagine if your only camera went down? Recently I was fortunate enough to upgrade my 6D (back up to my 5D MK3) to a 5D MK4, mainly because of the single card slot in the 6D. Really enjoying the MK4 but I have to say that if I already had 2 MK3's as you have I wouldn't spend the extra for the MK4 either. For me though, the jump from the 6D to the 5D MK4 was big enough to justify the outlay. Now I waiting around for the new Canon 85mm f1.4 IS USM to come out… That will be very interesting.

  6. I only got past a minute because I wanted to see his primes, to tell the general public (especially people just starting to shoot weddings) that it is completely irresponsible to shoot with one camera is ridiculous. Yeah it's ideal, but not everyone has the money needed for that.

  7. Here speaks a man who's been there and done it. Great, sensible, calm, factual video, and I really like the way you've split it into must haves and nice to haves. I liked your choice of words when you say two bodies are a must: irresponsible otherwise. And your comments right at the end nail it: Running around after them, sudden announcement of the cake, dance etc. Excellent info for anyone starting out, well done.