Bridal updo. Hairstyles for long hair tutorial


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  1. womenbeauty1, sorry i keep bugging you, but could you tell me please… which mannequin do you like better catherine or stella? I might buy stella because i like how her face looks as well as her hair. could you give me some tips about caring for mannequins? like what shampoo and conditioner you use for their hair? oh and how do you pierce their ears? i'm not sure if stella's hair is safe for dye it dosen't say on their website. I found stella on a different website where she costs 109.20 with free shipping. I don't know which clamp/holder to buy. i'm going for one fo the cheaper ones. seems like most of the plastic ones have the same functions but different prices… I'm sorry i would read about your dummies on your facebook page like you suggested but i don't have facebook. great job on your newest hairstyle video, i love it!

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