Chinese Bride’s Breasts Massaged By Guests At Wedding Party – A Weird Tradition?


Bride breast massage a Chinese tradition? Video has emerged of a young Chinese bride’s chest being massaged by guests at a wedding party, and she seems …

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  1. i'm indonesian, and yes i know that tradition, but..not for that long,,that was exaggerating..
    not even bathroom??that bride still a human being and family..
    you must be hearing from the wrong source..

  2. Ass wipe those people are not even Chinese they are more like Cambodian. I have many Chinese customers and friends , who said they never heard such lies. Chinese people are very private and family oriented with better morals then the majority of Americans!

  3. We are most wondrously and fearfully made. There is no end to our imagination and creativity. The fish thing made me think of Monty Python, too.

  4. well considering before marriage parties(I dont remember the right term for that) in europe that bride sucks cock or cocks of the stripper/s(I am not talking about the xhamster videos. I have seen it with my own eyes in london while passing through the street) I didnt find that one so corrupted. but in any case they are all sluts or fags(for the guys). these assholes should be different than animals and realize that they are humans.

  5. I have some chinese friends and we talked about marriage in china once. He didnt mention anythng like that. This seems to be an isolated case and not tradition.