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Steffanie and her boyfriend, Jimmy, get hitched at a discount rate.

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  1. I don't see anything wrong with saving on your wedding, or even having their wedding there. I would want a few family and friends there. But since they were going to go to the Justice of the peace anyway, that worked for them. Hopefully, the sales lady took pictures on her cell phone for them.

  2. If i was planning a wedding, I would choose to go to a high class resturant and invite my friends and family because, it is a once in a lifetime wedding. Everyone should enjoy the wedding. if I wanted a ring from my boyfriend, I would expect a ring with a real and big diamond.

  3. damn my mom and stepdad got married in hawaii and it was expensive as hell cause everything was perfect. i was the flower girl and my mom got me a really beautiful and expensive dress that looked like a wedding dress itself.

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