DIY Affordable Wedding Invitations


Hey yall! Hope that you enjoy my first wedding tutorial! I hope to do a few more for you before my wedding comes! This video shows you how to make your very …

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  1. Great video! Do you recall if this was light enough for regular postage? I'm doing this with two inserts and a wallet print, plus the RSVP envelope (so I'm already two stamps in! lol).

  2. Thank you!!! Very helpful! & great job! Doing mine sometime this week!!! Waiting for my samples so I can choose the perfect color and get busy!!

  3. Hi. Thanks for this video. Can you please provide me the direct website for the free direction/reception/rspv template. I went to cards and pocket website. I cannot find the templates. Thanks

  4. My wedding theme is love birds so I would love to use this template but sadly they don't have it up on the wedding chicks website. Do you happen to know if there is another way I could get this template?

  5. +Andrea Pereira Hi Andrea.  I used my regular printer – HP Deskjet 1056.  I did clean the heads every 10 or so that I printed because I noticed some black marks from using the thicker paper.  Hope this was helpful.

  6. Did you include an envelope to return the response card in?
    Or was your address printed on the back of the response card.  Cute idea by the way and thanks for the cardsandpockets website.  They had some really cute colors.