Fall Pinup Fashion & Style Ideas! by CHERRY DOLLFACE


Check out some back to school ideas for you pinup and vintage girls this fall! Outfit 1: Sweater: Unique Vintage Dress: Sourpuss Clothing Socks: Target Shoes: …

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  1. 1:55
    Black tights hardly ever Look bad. Still I think it will Be More edgy if you have Naked legs (or if it's realy cold: sheer offblack stockings with a seem). Only thing that Came across my mind. Great looks 😉

  2. Okay I just have to say that I used to follow you way back in the Livejournal days and lost track of you…so happy to have rediscovered you on YouTube! These videos are awesome, keep up the good work! xo

  3. I love this video so much, it's been really difficult to keep up with my style since college started, I'm doing a catering course, so obviously you can't do your hair too fancy or wear extravagant clothing. This vid has helped so much, thank you!