Happy Together – Jee seokjin and Gary Special (2015.10.22)


Click the “Caption” button to activate subtitle! ———————————————— – Ep.418: [Jee seokjin and Gary Special in the New Format] Gary and Jee …

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  1. many of their stories inspired me, especially Gary's "notepads". It's so me. I write everything, randomly, on papers and I have dreams and goals too. His stories inspired me a lot to not give up in this life.
    Actually this side of Gary that makes me respect him a lot.

  2. i got sad when kang gary said he gave up two things for music ๐Ÿ™ because when you think about it he quit running man because of music as well, so basically he gave up a lot of things for his love in music. I'm sad but i will always support him

  3. You can easily tell that Gary is passionate about his music. I admire him so much as an artist, and even more so as a person. Although he has been MIA lately, and there have been reports that Leesang has disbanded, I will continue to support him in whatever endeavor he chooses to do. We love you, Dancing King of Jamsil, uri Kang Gary!

  4. Watching Gary notes and all those book he read. I kinda want to read it like that Cheese book or that Go Mad one hour books. I wonder if they are still sold on market and the authord of the books so I could buy it. Cause I'm more or less in an aimless life like Gary at that time. :/

  5. omg gary is fucking awesome. i only watch him on running man and i love to listen to his music. but this is the first time i learned more about his private life and the way he is working and thinking.. i wish this episode had been a couple hours longer.