Homemade Instant Hot Chocolate Mix – Last Minute Edible Christmas Gift Idea!


Learn how to make a Homemade Instant Hot Chocolate Mix! Go to http://foodwishes.blogspot.com/2015/12/homemade-instant-hot-chocolate-mix.html for the …

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  1. Good lord, this is the best hot chocolate I've ever had…..not even close. Used Ghirardelli powder, your homemade whipped cream, and shaved Scharffen Berger 62% dark chocolate on top. Incredible, Thanks a bunch!

  2. I think as a gift, powdered milk might be a better ingredient for a shelf-stable recipe. The gift-receiver could just add hot water from a tea kettle to the dry mixture. I mean, if heating milk is a necessary step, it kind of makes the gift more work. I know it sounds dumb that heating milk is extra work, but I'm thinking just adding hot water to a powder mix is easier than the clean up of hot milk. People without dishwashers would maybe find the addition of heating up some milk as more work.

    Whatever the outcome, a gift of hot chocolate mix is a very kind thing. 🙂 I think who ever got it would feel appreciated.

  3. you know how you add ground coffee to boiling water and it becomes a cup of coffee ? so when exactly does this go from cocoa to chocolate ? (we just call it a cup of cocoa around here, since at no point has chocolate been used)

  4. Made this today as a birthday present for my sister. I added some cinnamon and used little less sugar. Had to try one cup before giving it away of course 😀 delicious!
    Thanks a lot for this easy gift idea.

  5. Mocha. I don't drink coffee but love mocha anything. If you want to try my powdered milk idea, heat some cold coffee to barely warm, stir in the milk powder and heat until almost boiling and finish as below.

    I got some Starbuck's beans and keep them in my freezer. When I need coffee, I make it pretty strong, put a couple smallish handfuls in the smallest ziploc bag, seal getting air out, pound with the blunt side of a meat cleaver or hammer, make sure all the beans are broken. I end up with a nice coarse grind. Then I heat a quart pan of water to a full boil, take off the heat, put in the broken beans, cover, and let steep for an hour or more. Then strain through a fine little sieve.

    You can experiment with different roasts of beans; mine are a little smoky, and when they are gone, I'll try some high quality different ones if I can find some. Suggestions welcome.

    I forgot. If you are using regular milk, steep the beans in very hot but not boiling milk, cover, let sit for an hour, then strain out, heat the coffee milk to just under a boil, and add your chocolate mix. Voila, you will love it. I got the idea when I looked for a recipe for coffee ice cream which is hard to find in the stores around here. I so miss Starbuck's Java Chip.

  6. Addictive. I use regular whole milk but like the following better. My mix is a little short on sugar which is fine. You may have to make your own adjustments. I put the mix in an ice tea jar with lid. Using one soup spoon, get about a scant teaspoon of coffee creamer (I've got Cremora, it's sweetened). Put it in the lid. Brush the spoon off and measure out two rounded soup spoons chocolate mix or to taste, put in lid with creamer, set aside. Fill a large mug with slightly warm water, pour into small pan preferably with pouring spout, and dissolve a rounded 1/4 cup of Nestles Nido Fortificada milk. full cream (I got it delivered from Walmart; people say it's in the Mexican aisle). It is the best powdered milk I ever had. With the same spoon, mix the milk in the water and heat to scalding (it even forms a little skin like regular whole milk). When hot, empty the contents of the lid into the scalded milk and stir well, a small whisk might be helpful at this point as a little of the creamer or milk leaves traces. Put lid back on chocolate mix for next time. It is just so good I can't believe it.

    It may sound involved, but after you've stirred the powdered milk into the water, you don't want to dip the wet spoon into the chocolate and creamer. That's the reason for the steps above or you can end up with 3 dirty spoons. Some things I don't wash, I rinse and put in the dish rack to dry. The milk pan and mug will have to be washed.

  7. I got two cans of that cocoa rouge at amazon (it comes as a 2-pack). It's expensive. Came today, so I had to try it. Watch out, that cocoa is so fine it flies all over if you miss (I was using 1/2 cup to measure and pouring from the can, don't recommend that, use a smaller measure or spoon you can dip into the can and put in your cup over the mixing bowl). I think I didn't count the sugar right as it was a lot darker than Chef John's so I put in another 1/2 cup while my milk was heating. It takes awhile to get it mixed well. Mine still isn't as light as his. I will put in a little more sugar. It tastes pretty good, not like any I'm used to. I put the cayenne in, too. Not enough to make much difference. Wish I'd had some whipped cream, real not Cool Whip. I feel like another cup but will wait until tomorrow.

    That cocoa is pretty though. I don't like cocoa frosting, cakes or brownies, but this I think I might like. I found a recipe for beautiful chocolate frosting made with the cocoa rouge on King Arthur site, will try that. You can also buy from there, too, but amazon has free shipping. Whoa, KA has 8 oz for $4.99 (but they are out of stock), two 8 oz at amazon were $21.30 so that is quite extravagant. King Arthur does have a full pound for $12.95 and says it's in stock. I don't know what their shipping would be. That's probably a better deal. Barely, shipping at KA is $8. I usually spend over $35 at amazon and get shipping free.

    My experience is that so long as you keep cocoa sealed up well, it will keep for years and not get bugs in it or ruin the taste. Preppers take note lol.

  8. Easiest, most delicious tasting hot chocolate I've had.  I mix it up, place it in a mason jar and I can mix up a cup in a jiffy.  I put my 8 oz of milk in a cup and put it in the microwave on the beverage setting.  Comes out at just the right temperature and mix dissolves without any issue.