How I Set Up the Canon 5D Mark IV DSLR for Photography


The Canon 5D Mark IV DSLR is a complicated camera with plenty of customization. Here is a rundown of how I set up my Canon 5D4 for photography shoots.

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  1. how do u use external flash on this camera I just bought it but it doesn't show my setting for my flash on the camera I have canon 5d mark 4 with cameron trigger ttl and reciver with canon 580 ex flash speedlite??? now I don't know how use the flash off the camera ???

  2. i heard its sucking up battery quite good, even when wifi and gps is turned off. What are your experiences compared to previous models of 5d? cheers

  3. Good content–I think–but everything was too fast! Please slow down your comments, don't fiddle with the possible choices unless it's to explain the option and slow down the camera work! There was so much to take in and I wanted to learn what you had to offer. The presentation prevented that.

  4. you are telling nothing about 5D IV, you are telling just what you are doing with 5D IV
    can you tell me in Detail about all of the functions… specially about video shoot

  5. At 8:35 of your video, you mentioned how you setup the lock button beneath the dial on the back as a way to lock the touchscreen. How do you do that? Thank you for the great video!

  6. OK found some interesting "focus" features I didn't even know about on the 5D IV. Someone also said the 7D II has the same ability, but I'll have to look into that one.

  7. change "RGB" to "Adobe RGB;" it is a larger color space, typ for jpegs, but change it for those times when you need to shoot both RAW & jpeg.
    picture profile: set a custom picture profile to "Prolost" for max dynamic range and color grading possibilities; sometimes you need to shoot professionally with a dedicated editor.
    highlight alert & af point are useful sometimes.
    did canon change the sd card slot in the mark iv? in the mark iii, the sd card slot was never intended for recording video or burst mode raw photos; i got a double exposure one time & camera just stops recording video when writing to the sd card (even with write speeds 120Mbps. i even talked to canon, they told me the sd card slot was only intended for firmware updates.
    HDMI frame to "60i" for signal to tv or monitors.
    Q button in video mode, then joystick toggle for audio levels.
    looking forward to the full review, thanks dan!

  8. I'm assuming glass is what made you buy this camera…meaning existing canon glass you own. This is a new, but very outdated camera.

  9. Great video only i have one tip
    That back button is great on the 7d2, 1dX2 and 5d4 check it you can setup a whole other af settings with only that button so for instance you have centre only and one shot selected with only holding the back af button you can do af zone, servo tracking, etc you can check by selecting this in the menu and then press info you get a whole new menu and it is a sorr of macro as long as you hold the button. Release it and you are back at your normal setting. Try it out it is great!
    Time of back button AF is now a whole new world and it is really handy on the new 7d2, 1dX2 and 5d4

    Fopr those who don't understand watch this movie:

  10. im a little surprized that you bought the 5D4. because i thought the 4k jpg was going to stop you from buying it. so i would like to know your reasoning. im still considering it just because of my glass. but really want to go mirrorless. but i really want a touch screen. and Sony and fuji seem to not get that people want them. witch is a real let down. the XT2 and A7r ll and A99ll are really nice but no touch screen. and Canon gives us a 5D4 without an articulating screen. and 4k jpg. so its not easy to figure out what direction to go in.