Infused Water For Summer – Mind Over Munch


Try these fruit and vegetable infused water recipes to keep you hydrated on hot summer days! Get your water in the delicious way with many added benefits.

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  1. To mind over munch: i came up with some flavors not listed on the videos I've seen.
    Peach Apple,Pineapple cherry(mint optional),watermelon lemon(mint is optional),Pineapple ginger,Apple cherry(cinnamon optional),Watermelon pineapple and mint. Orange strawberry pineapple with mint.
    Ive even made homemade cherry lemonade with raw sugar and strawberry lemonade with mint.

  2. thank you for adding the health benefits alongside the fruits and herbs you added and clarifying that just drinking infused water isn't the magic pill in losing weight I can't wait to try these!

  3. Mind over matter:I've just made five different detox mixtures tonight. Cannot wait to drink them after sitting them overnight. Particularly the lemon/strawberry/mint.

  4. I've tried lemon/lime infused water as well as cucumber/mint. Though, the cucumber/mint was a little odd, I think I'd used a cumber that wasn't really suited for that kind of application. It might have been an English cucumber. I can't remember.

  5. I have watched you videos for two straight days so far literally and i can honestly say i haven't forwarded or skip anything!! even recipes i wouldn't eat. so to anyone who says your annoying they need to take a look in the mirror cuz that is what annoying really looks like. πŸ™‚ once again great video!!! i have never seen someone take so much pride and hard work into each video.