Mom surprises son for mother son dance at reception


No one at the reception could have seen this coming. Everyone knew that my Mom and Ben’s song was Forever Young, and how she carried out brought tears to …

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  1. at first thought mom was all about her – but then – need to do whatever it takes it stay strong while giving your baby up – and not looking weird – she did good.

  2. This is great. This is the kind of relationship every mother wishes to have with her children. I love the end when Mom made it a point to bring up the other siblings. Really sweet.

  3. If it was a toast/speach that's one thing. This was the Mother Son dance. He didn't even know what she planned. A little too much look at me, me, me. I think the bride is in for a bumpy ride. Any newer wedding videos of her trying to steal the limelight at another of her kids weddings?

  4. What separates this from so many others, is that is was truly personal to this family, to this mother and her relationship with her son. Sweet. Very sweet. Well done, Mom.

  5. You're a amazing singer, good job!, now my Son is also getting married coming September, so can i ask you a backing track for the song, cause i am planning to sing it at the wedding . Thank you in advance

  6. Way to steal the show, Mom! Lol. That was beautiful. The way your son looked at you at the beginning of the song was priceless. He loves his mom. And, that dress!! Glad we got to see the bride at the end! Love, for many years to come.,♡♡