Social Repose – Filthy Pride (Official Music Video)


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  1. This shouldve been the resi 7 theme song because mold is black and the black stuff spreads aka black paint and edit oh yeah and there's mold everywhere in resi 7

  2. Your music became my favorite. Favorite artist and everything. I could listen to this round after round and never get bored. The tone and beat is so soothing. I'm so sorry about what's happening to your music currently. But there's no doubt I will be buying the whole album. I love your voice so much, and I hope you continue this!

  3. WOW! You are an amazing talent. I am 51 years old & have become so jaded by modern music lately, but you are the "real deal". I love his song a lot, it feels like you made it for the love of your art & not just to get paid. So much music today is "cookie cutter" pop, so it was refreshing to hear someone with real talent. Keep it up & never sell out.

  4. I need help I've watched too much.Richie your voice is so addictive it's not even funny.I have really big hopes for you and I'll make sure my friends watch this and every other video.I have never seen a person with this much talent before so I'm proud to be apart of the whisper and proud to have you as a mother cause I don't have one

  5. Story: Villan is the story of the breakup they had. It was an abusive relationship. He knew what he was doing was wrong and accepted that she wanted to leave him so he let her go away. (Filthy Pride) After sitting in the bathtub (his thoughts) for a while.. He didnt want to let her go… He decides he must get her back no matter what. He goes to her trying to get her back. She resists of course. He tries flattering her and messing with her heart to get to her. She slightly falls into his spell but quickly resists again. He then gets angry at her and yells at her. He decides if she wont go by choice she'll have to go by force. He grabs her trying to forcefully take her back. pause a lil explaination here… The black spreading is basically a virus that consumes her back into him the white leaving means she is falling back in love with him resumed he notices and this is when he decides to pull her into the bathtub. pause again the title "Filthy Pride" is talking about the girl because he is her filthy ptide which is why she is falling back in love she knows its wrong but cant help herself so i guess you could call it a "Filthy Pride" resumed No matter how much she tries to resist she keeps slipping away into his mind games. She eventually gets in the bathtub completely consumed by the overwhelming need compelling her to him. The End….. Or is it?!?

    edit i messed up on the timing on the flattering her part but still the same thing..

  6. Idk WHAT happened to me during this video. Once he came up to her,I just froze and understood everything until the video ended. As soon as it ended I had no idea what it was about anymore. But it was so good!