Summer Pinup Style Ideas 2016! By CHERRY DOLLFACE


Here are some new ideas for your summer pinup wardrobe! What I wore: (all vintage from 1) Dress: Vintage Shoes: BAIT Shoes …

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  1. Hi dear, you are adorable, I love all your clothes How am i get that kind of clothes, In my country it's very difficult to get it. I am from spain.
    Can you give me some address, please, Nice to met you dear, sorry about my english it's not very good yet, I have still to learn a lot. bye

  2. you have the best figure… I am so jealous.. ๐Ÿ™ I would love to be small and cute like you… instead I have an extreme hourglass figure, with too much boobs, too much butt… yeah, everybody wants what they cant have

  3. Could you please please please do a video on how to walk in high heels? especially covering that aspects that most such videos miss out such as walking on grass, wet floor and stairs. Would be a great help for other women out here:))))) Totally love the way you walk so effortlessly in sky high heels!!! superwoman!

  4. im blowing a million and a half kisses your way for showing me so many great ideas (im trying to better build my wardrobe and this has made me look at what i already have (as well as what ive recently purchased) with a bit more hope lol thankss giiiirll

  5. I love these videos. As soon as you announced you were not promoting Steady Clothing anymore I was worried you were pushing off the vintage rockabilly fashion you came to the Internet with. I thought it was a sign that cherrydollface was gonna change. Then this video came out and you're back with really beautiful outfits. Love this channel!!!!