Visa Girl


Visa Girl – the story of today’s youth, with strong ambitions and desire. Stuti wants to change the world in a meaningful way through her work for children in need.

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  1. I cried at 40-45 minutes ! I also really miss Nepal, mandir and malpuwa .. I am been living in New York, a desert for 7 years … I'm very excited finally going to Nepal in this July omg

  2. आज यो समयमा यो फिल्म हलमा चलेको भय सुपर हिट हुने थियो ।

  3. I love the fight to get the girl among the guyz…world class…god!!!!!kun jamanama realese bhako flim i am just looking…wonderful,just love it…

  4. To make a good film, you need to have good solid script first. This one
    is high on gloss,low on substance – an yawn inspiring editing. Nepali filmmakers
    you can't keep fooling us by such craps. Prachandaman cheated even in
    Love Sasha. Myan, work on your craft harder,and stop showing off
    nonsensical knowledge when given a chance on film festivals. This is
    just what many felt but couldn't convey in the premiere night of #Sasha. You hve possibilities,but don't expect us to appreciate or even praise every shits coming from you.

  5. visa girl सुपर हिट छ यो फिल्म अझै राम्रो बनाउने प्रयास गर्नुस तपाईहरू दाइ शुभ कामना छ हामी सबैको bestof luck BiSHNU bist