Wedding Photography – How to Stand Out, with SLR Lounge


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  1. what i find amusing is that there will be a certain number of women who forego a wedding photographer based solely on Vogue's recommendation. Because, gosh, if it's in Vogue than it must be in vogue, and who doesn't want that. Then 99.9% of those women will see the results and be absolutely horrified at the absolute shit quality of the results. Too bad they can never go back and have those memories remade.

    Molly Guy is very proud of the 15 minutes of fame she's earned herself. She'll be less proud when angry women, the same women who are now praising her as a visionary, are slamming her as a fraud and hating her for ruining Their Day just a few short months from now.

  2. Ok, here is what happened… too many fake photographers got into the business, partially because of digital and because instead of finding a new vision for traditional wedding photography they went with and promoted the easy way “photojournalistic photography”. This is BS. Photojournalistic can be anything to a non photographer. Oh, I want “candid” pictures… well they don’t look that much different from the shots my sister takes with her Nikon D3300 so why should I hire a pro photographer for $$$$$? I have seen this a hundred times. We need to put down the photojournalistic bull shit and promote artistic moments that convey how the bride feels… not reality. That is where the disposable cameras come in.

  3. Its almost impossible to stand out and be different from other photographers. When you come up with a new idea to be different, its only a matter of days before your competition notices what you are doing different to stand out. Then they start doing the same thing as you and now you are just the same as any other photographer again.

  4. I'm not a wedding photographer. However, I have been working with a wedding photographer for the last few weeks. Lots of people take snapshots with their phones and point and shoots, and sure, they have great memories that they can savor. But with every phone or compact camera picture, there are so many things wrong that a professional photographer would be able to eliminate. Depth of field, near to absolute focus, proper lighting, posing, and the eye to make a photo excellent. Going beyond just taking a photo, it will be professionally edited and printed off to save for generations to come. People can do whatever they would like to do at their weddings and other events, but nobody beats a trained photographer.

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