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  1. thank you so much for the encouragement at the end. I'm getting married in May in San Francisco. We are both originally from Iowa. Everyone back home has the same wedding at the same venue and I know I don't want that! Everyone attending our wedding will be coming to SF from Iowa and I don't regret it at all. Also, we planned a wedding outdoors at a country-like venue in wine country and on the last day we could get our money back we pulled out of our contract and decided we were more of a city/modern couple and decided to get married at city hall and having a casual dinner at a Italian restaurant in the city. I looked at my fiancé in the middle of this video and just yelled, "I love this girl! She speaks my language!"

    ps. we are having the SAME problem with videographers. I was in total sticker shock when I saw what people charge. The hunt continues for us in that category! Glad you found someone!

    Love you're honesty! You gained a new subscriber. Keep being you! xo

  2. I was also heartbroken to find out how much a videographer would cost 😞 Where I live (Canada) the average price was about $3500-$4000. I couldn't believe it! And I swear I've contacted every possible company. So I think I'll have to skip it, even though it was the one thing I really wanted. So nice to hear someone else go through the same things, thanks Shelby! 😘

  3. I love your videos and following along with your wedding planning! I can't wait to see what your wedding will look like! Also, what is your nail color? I love it! 💕

  4. With the caveat that I got married in 2002 (gulp!), the Knot's planner was awesome for me! There's way more info online now than back then, but I loved the ceremony book they had available then, too.

  5. You make such great videos here on YouTube. Have you considered getting some go pros and having people pass them around during the day and then creating your own video with the footage? That's what I'm going to do!

  6. I love that you give pricing info it truly helps I feel like so many people keep the pricing details so private and it drives me nuts! Thank you! And I'm so very excited to hear more about your planning and eventually the wedding! Eeekkkk 😍😍❤️❤️

  7. We got married in Hawaii and we chose to have a videographer for only 1.5 hours and it was $1,500. I wish we did have her a little longer, but I don't think its necessary to have someone for 6 hours plus, so maybe a option would be to have less hours covered. Most people end up with only a few minute highlight video now. Also our wedding video is my favorite! It's been 3 years and we still watch it all the time, so I do suggest really going with someone who's style you love and will reflect you both:) Good luck with everything!

  8. Have you considered getting a wedding planner (the human kind, not the book)? They work with your budget and your wishlist so that you get everything you want at a price you can afford. Like with everything else you have to interview a few but it might be worth it to have a professional guiding you. It's easy to get sidetracked with all the beautiful things available, and I know you are being diligent with your budget – good for you! Don't let anyone rush you into making a decision you will later regret.

  9. Do you have any really pretty vineyards nearby?  I was married at a beautiful vineyard in California and it had a gorgeous old home and grounds attached for the reception. anyway, just a thought!

  10. I'm loving the wedding videos! Definitely checking out the bridesmaid dress website!
    I've been engaged for three months or so & the amount of people that think I should have my whole wedding planned by now… 😩 is ridiculous.
    I live in a very small town & we only have 3 options for reception venues.. The event coordinator quit the first venue, the second stopped doing weddings? And my last option I don't even want to have to consider… But it's looking like the only option.

  11. Hey! I live in Memphis and what a lot of people I know hire videographers from the Memphis College of Art. They charge less because they're students but the quality is usually nothing short of amazing. I don't know if y'all have something like that in the Nashville area but it would be worth checking out!

  12. I love your honesty about struggles, and pricing when planning a wedding. It is refreshing to see someone say no that is just way too much! I am not married and I am not getting married but I have so many friends and family planning weddings and saying "well this is what it cost for everyone" and it's like no you can put your foot down and sill have a beautiful wedding without going broke! Love you and all your videos!

  13. Videography is crazy expensive. We ended up not going with it but really wish we would have found something in our price range. I hardly remember the actual walking down the isle from me being so nervous! Haha… I ended up using the photos to make our own video. It's on our channel if you'd like to see. It's nothing like what a professional would have done but it's a great memory for us!! Xo

  14. Sounds like we're all having the same issues! I just said "yes to the dress," but haven't decided on a venue or anything else. Every place I've gone to I either lose something I want, or is overpriced for what it is.

  15. Have the wedding wherever you would like as long as hotels are nearby. My sister is having her wedding next May. We live in Houston and if you want a nice outdoor wedding you have to drive far out for it. Her location and 1.5 hours away from us. And the hotel she blocked is 30 minutes away from her location! But everyone knows that way in advance so it's no big deal.

  16. Perhaps, you have a local Horticultural Society? If you contact them, they may know of a home with a lovely green and white garden that could be made available for your event? I have only watched two of your wedding videos and I thought you mentioned wanting succulents in sage and white flowers. Don't know if that has changed. Just an idea. Sometimes lovely estate homes are available if the owners are approached the right way. Hugs and hang in there! 🇨🇦❤️🇨🇦

  17. Hey Shelbey, since you're not obsessing too much over weight loss then I'd suggest barre fitness classes because they're amazing for toning. If you can find a place near you that offers it then you should definitely check it out 🙂

  18. Love how you talk about having real people problems when wedding planning. I live in around the same area as you do, middle Tennessee and I think barn weddings are adorable but just not my personality either and it's so important to stay true to character for your wedding! 💛

  19. I don't know what area that you are looking in for venue but there are some beautiful historic plantation homes in the Franklin area 🙂 Tennessee is definitely heavy on the barn style venue!

  20. It's hard to believe how much people will charge for anything to do with "wedding". It's hard to find good people who understand it's hard out there for people ballin on a budget. It can cause a lot of stress but what's nice is once the wedding happens, you will always remember how much fun you had. Just remember you are doing a great job and take a couple bubble bath or drink some wine when you get overwhelmed haha 😉

  21. Hey! I commented on a video you did a few weeks ago on a bridal makeup look and didn't know if you saw it but have you tried using a setting spray with the Mac Warm Soul blush? I wonder if that would help with the color payoff and longevity?!