Wire Tree Tutorial


Very quick and simple demonstration of how to create an amazing wire tree out of wire. Material: 6 rolls of bead wire (~$2.50 per 24ft roll) Wire cutter Step 1: …

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  1. Good video. I get lots of wire from a junk dealer (scrap yard) where they buy copper wire. Not a lot of colors but have found reds, copper color variations, brown enameled, and one time purple aluminum wire that was in the copper bin.They are different lengths and thicknesses, and $20 buys a fair bit of wire. Look for beads at thrift stores, I like the ones that are like stone chips. Buy yourself a pair of beading pliers with the two round jaws, and a good quality side cutter wire snip. Thanks again for the video.

  2. Do you think I can do this, but on a larger scale? I'm doing my senior project and so far I've made 1,000 paper cranes. I have no idea what I should do for the tree.

  3. Looks like a witches tree! I love it! Thanks so much for this very cool tutorial and with music no less! I've made tree of life jewelry but nothing like this. I'm going to look in my wire box right now! Oh yeah and I'm subscribing. Peace!

  4. Hello there. I am wanting to make this on a way bigger scale with copper wire. like 2 – 2 1/2 ft tall and maybe a bit more trim (not as wide at top)
    any tips or suggestions?

  5. Hi!! I'm actually wanting to make this as a jewelry stand, and was wondering how much wire it would need if I wanted to make it taller and still be well proportioned?

  6. Hi Josh, I have an odd project idea that is based on making a wired trunk, with smaller branches stemming from the trunk. Can you tell me how hard it is to twist higher gauge wire? I was thinking of getting either a high gauge wire to make the trunk and then connect smaller gauge wire to make the branch OR smaller gauge wire throughout, bunching it up like you showed here for the trunk and then make the branch. Your input would be helpful. This is the first time I am doing wire work.

  7. Hi Josh, Thank you for the great video. I noticed that you were using multiple colors of 20 gage wire. I want to make a tree of Life on a 24' ring as a wedding gift. The ring is wrapped with a natural light brown leather strip. What color(s) would you recommend and where were you able to purchase the bulk wire of the different colors for $2.50 a roll? I can't seem to find any that cheap. Sorry for my rambling! 🙂